Silky Fine Mist can be used
not only as a heat countermeasure but also as a production.

Gently obscuring sight and sound, the light diffused by mist and the feeling of coolness
by vaporization enables an unprecedented immersive experience.

Air Inventions (April 2018)

Milan Salone 2018.4 An air dome with a diameter of 20m has been installed with 4K projection mapping to create an immersive space.
Best Technology Award Winner

[ Main equipment used ]
- Mist nozzle: 96 units
- 30,000-lumen projector: 2 units
- Fish-eye lens: 2 units

cTsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Kaiju no Sumika (November 2019 to January 2020)

Technical cooperation for Tsuburaya Production’s entertainment facility.
The entrance to the different dimension was expressed by combining mist and laser.

[ Main equipment used ]
- Mist nozzle: 16 units
- Laser: 1 unit

MUTEK.JP (December 2019)

The projectors projected images toward the mist trapped in the space enclosed on three sides.
The circulators introduced air currents from the projector side to give an effect of a flowing motion to the mist and projected image. This gave enhanced depths and motions to the projected images.

[ Main equipment used ]
- Mist nozzle: 16 units
- 32,000-lumen projector: 3 units
- Circulator: 3 units

Mist as replacement for smoke

Smoke: smoky and unhealthy

smoky and unhealthyConventional Smoke machine

Mist: no harm to human body

no harm to human body100%H2O

Issues of conventional mist

  • 1 fluid nozzle
  • Bigger mist particle size(20-40?)
  • Evaporation is slow and easy to get wet
  • Need to spray from higher level
  • Blown by the crosswind

1 fluid nozzle nozzle Water only

  • 2 fluid nozzle
  • High energy consumption
  • Big equipment size
  • Noisy spray sound

2 fluid nozzle nozzle Water+High pressure air

Features of Silky Fine Mist

Developed energy-saving and quiet 2-fluid nozzle with
the advantages of 1-fluid and 2-fluid nozzle.
Realizes mist floating in space with
extremely fine particles of 6μm in diameter.

  • Benefits
  • It is 2.0-2.7 times easier to evaporate than a 1-fluid mist nozzle, so it is possible to produce a comfortable space that does not cause dampness and gentle to people and buildings.
  • A clean, high-density alternative to smoke. It is harmless to the human body, so it can be used in commercial facilities other than the club stage.
  • It is easy to float in space, and it can diffuse light and dye the whole space with the light source color.
  • By projecting the trajectory of light, it is possible to produce images
    and lighting with a three-dimensional effect.